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Free Webinar: How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan for Cyber Resiliency

Don't Pay the Ransom

2021 has seen a rapid rise of ransomware attacks, becoming one of today’s most disruptive types of cyber threats. As companies have gone increasingly digital, cyber criminals have sought to maximise their profits by exploiting the vulnerabilities that come with a rapidly expanding ecosystem. This type of malware – which gets name from the payment it demands after locking away or threatening to expose victims' files – is a major issue for any organisation that relies on IT. 

Join us at 11:00am Thursday 14th October where speaker Vileen Dhutia EMEA Head of Sales at Rubrik will discuss how cyber criminals continue to capitalise on ransomware attacks and what steps you can take to better protect your company. 


In this 30minute webinar we'll cover:

  • What is Ransomware

  • How does Ransomware work

  • Is my business at risk

  • What happens if I just pay them

  • Why Money is not a panacea for cybersecurity; a considered strategy is.

  • What can I do to avoid it and keep my business running

  • How to Act now

Register Today: 11:00am, 14th October

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