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Stuart Lemon - Director of Sales & Marketing

Stuart Lemon -
Sales and Marketing Director

I am the Sales and Marketing Director at OverBright and have a passion for enabling our channel partners, customers and team. I have spent the majority of my career in the technology industry, gaining experiences in areas such as strategy, planning, and execution. While sales is my primary job function by day, I also enjoy coaching rugby for Chess Valley RFC and spending time with my family.

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Helping businesses improve revenues, efficiencies, and reduce technology debt.  By using technology to deliver real business gain.

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I have a couple of work achievements that I am immensely proud of in terms of transforming and building several teams but my greatest achievement is and will always be my son.

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Coming to OverBright to work with some of the brightest technologist in the market, delivering real business benefit and enabling companies to move forward in a very challenging time.

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