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SDWan Assessment


See how your network stacks up.

Evaluating the Possible Benefits of SDWAN Technology 

SDWAN technology enables businesses to harness virtualisation, eliminates latency and reliability issues of cloud-based applications and improves network security. With such undeniable impact to business outcomes, organisations must be able to seriously consider an SDWAN implementation without getting held up in ongoing management or carrier aggregation decisions.

Move Beyond the Hype

OverBright’s SDWAN Assessment provides a deep insight to your current network architecture and determines if SDWAN can improve your application performance, reduce WAN costs & complexity or increase flexibility, reliability and security.

Our Network Solutions Architects will guide you through a series of discovery sessions to review your network topology to an inventory of the networking assets, their firmware revision, routing protocols in use & available to ensure all common pitfalls can be avoided before the project is initiated. As part of the process, we will complete a cost analysis and identify quick wins for the Proof of Concept or Pilot.

Evaluating SDWan Technology
Network Discover and Assess

Understand the network – Discover and Assess

  • Comprehensive overview of your network topology

  • Asset inventory to determine firmware capability and routing configuration

  • POC/Pilot identification

SDWan Independent Advice

Make informed decisions from independent advice

  • Vendor & network provider agnostic advice

  • In depth cost analysis

  • Expert networking capability

  • Over 11 years proven migration experience

SDWan Enhanced Capabilities

Achieve more through enhanced capabilities

  • Improve quality of service and visibility of your network

  • Increase security and integration with cloud

  • Bond MPLS, Broadband and 4G/LTE or replace connections

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