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We get you road-ready to support your digital transformation journey. 


Pathing your way to Digital Transformation

Your digital transformation journey is like a relentless race over tough terrain. Your vehicle needs to be fast, fuelled up and road-ready to get ahead of the game.

Where our story began


6 months later...

The company grew exponentially. Within months, our capabilities extended beyond Citrix to offer a vendor-agnostic service. Five years ago, we added Cloud and Networking capabilities to our established Workspace practice. We now offer our services through 30+ partners, 5 vendors, a 24/7 service desk, and a wealth of tried and tested technical and commercial experience.


When our founder, Kevin Goodall, grew frustrated with his role as a Sales Specialist in an IT services company. He felt corners were being cut on customer satisfaction. He said to himself, ‘Where does that get you in 10 years’ time when your reputation is flawed?’. He set up a virtual bench, providing honest, ethical advice to his client, Citrix Consulting Services, from his home in Northamptonshire.

The Proof.

For example, helping our client, a bank, to create smart workspaces so its employees can work from anywhere, saving money on real estate. Helping a retail client demerge from its parent company, migrating processes and systems seamlessly, whilst removing the risk of financial penalties. We’re a friendly extension to your team and we’re here for the duration.



We Are OverBright

Our vision is to be the best at what we do for Innovation, Creativity and Service Excellence.

Enabling our clients to implement risk-free cloud, networking and workspace solutions for the best outcomes. We've done this time and again...

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