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Carmen Cheung - HR Manager

Carmen Cheung -
HR Manager

I am a CIPD qualified HR professional with a passion for people management in a solutions-focused role. I am passionate about improving people practices across all divisions of the employee life cycle and I am dedicated to exploring how these practices impact and interconnect. I strive to understand and influence organisational systems and human behaviour to develop a positive and inclusive working culture.

Summary of my role: 


  • Develop relationships and create personal connections by building a holistic approach around engagement and well-being initiatives. 

  • Understand the current and future skillset needs of the organisation to create a learning culture to drive continuous professional development. Ensuring employees have the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil individual and organisational needs. 

  • Establishing trust by role-modelling ethical behaviour and applying principles and values consistently in decision-making; balancing consideration, compassion and fairness. 

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