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Accelerating innovation and expansion with a cloud-first model.

Your answer to the Cloud

'What Ifs'

With applications shifting to the cloud and DevOps becoming more complex, how do you maintain network visibility and control while delivering a reliable, flexible user experience?

Application delivery controllers are purpose-built networking appliances whose function is to improve the performance, security and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

Enhancing workforce productivity and efficiency

To win in today’s cloud-first world, organisations need to manage and deploy modern applications in parallel with their legacy applications. While traditional app delivery solutions can help ensure availability, performance, and security, not all solutions can bridge the gap between modern and legacy application environments.

Cloud and DevOps

The Formula is Simple - Eliminate Infrastructure Complexity

One platform for traditional and modern application delivery

  • Single platform for agile development and delivery of both traditional and microservices applications

  • Ability to convert and mitigate legacy apps to microservices application architectures

  • Support physical, virtual, containerised, and bare metal form factors to meet the demands of diverse environments

  • Integration with automation and orchestration systems to simplify application deployment

Support for hybrid cloud environments with visibility into current internet conditions

  • Cloud-first approach to application delivery and deployment, allowing you to deploy on all cloud environments including on-premises and on public clouds such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google

  • Ability to visualise internet conditions and intelligently steer traffic to the best, most accessible content source for optimal user experience on the apps being delivered

  • Developers can convert services built with legacy architectures into containerised microservice applications. They can then push verified load balancing configurations and security policies into production easily to enable agile software development


One platform for traditional and modern application delivery

With global expansion and an increasingly distributed workforce, IT organisations need a centralised management system that not only simplifies operations, but also provides complete visibility over their network architectures and the state of the internet. This lets them harness app and infrastructure intelligence as well as visibility into internet conditions to enhance app performance and the user experience


A software-centric design with one code base

  • Simplifies deployment across different for factors, hypervisors and cloud

  • A single API and management platform provided interoperability with any orchestration platform

Eliminating Infrastructure Complexity
Modern Application Delivery

A flexible license model

Allows networking teams to dynamically scale their application delivery infrastructure to respond quickly to changing conditions. It shares the same pool of licenses, whether they are in use at one data centre, or are distributed to their global offices

Flexible License Models
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